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Mouthwatering Experience 



We have the know-how you need.

Our Story


Our crepes are hand-crafted with love, simply divine and, as everything else in France, full of Culture

MiaMel Crêpes all started when we moved to London three years ago. We had been accustomed in Paris to the little pleasures of sampling the most delicious street food, especially Crêpes.


They were made from a batter that the food trader perfected and presented with layers of fillings simply oozing taste—a trader who for that matter always engaged you in a conversation on matters small and big!


Missing such delights I wanted to bring this special experience to London. At the insistence of my daughters and a desire to give people the same happiness during their walks, or shopping trips, I created Mia Mel Crêpes in April of this year with a stall at the Portobello Green Market.


I had started with Crêpes, using my own recipes for both the sweet and savoury varieties, but because one temptation leads to another, I am now offering Belgian Waffles as well as hearty Panini.


So come by and enjoy moments of indulgence and relaxation the French way, right here, in the heart of London.

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