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Savoury Crepes

Veggie Melt 

fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and cheese  

The Full Chunky  

A choice of  chicken or turkey with an assortment of season vegetables    

The Tuna Melt   

Tuna, sweetcorn, cheese with a squeeze of lemon  


Classic Ham & Cheese  

Smoked ham and cheese    

Sweet Crepes 

Nice & Easy

Nutella crepe with a sprinkle of powdered sugar 

The Nutty One 

Peanut butter crepe with a sprinkle of powdered sugar 

Sweet & Zesty 

Brown sugar with a squeeze of lemon juice 

Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry 

Nutella crepe, sliced banana and strawberries with a sprinkle of powdered sugar   

Strawberry Chocolate  

Nutella crepe with sliced strawberries topped with powdered sugar


Heavenly Delights  

Nutella, sliced banana, strawberries and blueberries   

Banana Maple Syrup 

Sliced banana and maple syrup crepe sprinkled with powdered sugar 


The Bananalicious Treat  

Nutella and sliced banana  

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